Moving all your belongings to a new home or office can be a hectic experience. The day is often packed with activity, and you may be confused about your specific role. However, lack of preparation and planning can lead to mistakes, accidents, injuries or losing personal items. A complete moving day checklist helps you avoid common problems and prepare properly.

Moving day checklist

Here’s a checklist for a smooth moving process:

1. Hire a professional moving company

Hiring a moving company eases stress and simplifies the process. Professional movers will make sure your moving day goes according to plan and move your furniture, appliances and boxes to your new home or office carefully and efficiently.

2. Organize your belongings

Being organized can help simplify the moving process. Try packing items strategically, labelling each box based on the room in which the items belong, and making a list of what each box contains.

3. Get up early

Delays are the last thing you want on moving day. So wake up early and prepare for the day well in advance. In addition, a big, healthy breakfast will keep your energy level high and give you the strength to get through a full, tiring day.

4. Wear comfortable clothing

It’s important to dress appropriately for a long day of physical activity and moving personal items. Avoid baggy clothes, heavy shoes, jewelry, or anything that can potentially cause you to trip or fall or catch on boxes or sharp corners. Wear athletic shoes with ankle support to lift items with ease and stay comfortable on your feet and consider wearing gloves to prevent scratches and give you a better grip.

5. Separate your essential boxes

Pack your essential items, such as toiletries and first aid kits, in boxes that allow you to access them quickly and easily. Ensure that every family member has their essentials in a clearly labelled box and keep them separate from other items.

6. Double-check your valuables

You’ll be responsible for moving your valuables, such as money and jewelry, as well as alcohol, medication and personal documents. Ensure these items are packed and placed in a location where you won’t forget them. Also, be vigilant not to leave your valuables or confidential documents unattended in your vehicle as you move other items.

7. Keep children and pets away

Moving can be stressful for young children and pets because they often don’t understand what’s happening. Moving also involves lifting heavy boxes and furniture. These items could easily tip and fall, presenting a safety hazard. Therefore, it might be beneficial to hire a sitter to keep an eye on your children or pets while you move. If hiring a sitter is not an option, ensure their safety by keeping young ones and animals away from high-traffic paths.

8. Clear the exit path

This safety measure eases movement and prevents accidents from scattered items. Clear snow, mud and water from the pathway and clear any debris.

9. Be careful when signing documents

Relocation requires a lot of paperwork, like inventory lists, cost estimates, lading bills, and insurance policies. Be vigilant and take the time to read and understand what you are signing. Seek clarification if you have any doubts or questions.

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