It’s no secret that moving can be challenging and requires a great deal of planning, effort and money. However, starting over somewhere new can is exciting and can come with fantastic opportunities. Whatever your reason for moving, you can count on the reliable Calgary movers at Eagle Moving Company to make your relocation less stressful.

Before you move, you may need to consider how much the move will cost. Understanding the factors that influence the total cost of your relocation will help you estimate how much a moving company will charge. This article discusses the details that determine your Calgary moving company’s fees.

Factors affecting your moving costs

Here are the most important aspects to consider when estimating the price of your move:

1. Size of your home

Moving costs may be lower for smaller apartments than larger homes, as packing items in many rooms can be more complicated and take longer. Lots of stairs can also be an issue. It is more difficult to move boxes and furniture from basements and attics than from single-storey buildings or ones with elevators.

2. Distance

Another element that influences moving costs is distance. Moving across the street is usually less expensive than moving across town. Similarly, relocating from one province to another may require additional fees.

Professional movers in Calgary can guide you towards the best course of action if you’re new to the area. They know which areas have heavier traffic and take longer to reach, thus saving you money on transportation time. Less time on the road also reduces the chance of damage to your belongings.

3. Apartment access

If you live on the eighth storey of an apartment building with no elevator, moving your things takes more time and energy than it does for someone on the ground floor. Narrower entrances and corridors may also mean movers need to use riggers or other special equipment to lift items in and out through the windows. This type of service can cost extra.

In addition, movers may need to use smaller vans if the access road to your home is too narrow for a standard moving truck. Less space to load your furniture and boxes may mean they need to make more trips, leading to longer moving hours and higher costs.

4. Number of items

When pricing a relocation, the most important consideration is how many things you need to move. Professional movers charge more for a larger volume of items. Costs also depend on the number of movers you need, the wrapping materials required and the size of the truck or container used to transport your things.

5. Timing

The busiest times for moving are often towards the end of each month and during the Christmas season. The dates for which you book a moving company significantly impact cost. Prices fluctuate depending on demand, so your charges may be higher if you move during a busy period.

6. Additional services

The price of a move is also influenced by whether you require additional services. Assistance packing and unpacking, vehicle transport and other considerations can increase the total cost. Last-minute details, like needing extra movers or new vehicles, also lead to higher fees.

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